What is Race City?

RaceFi team is constantly striving to create our own complete Metaverse - Race City, a place that will undoubtedly provide users with the most diverse and 'real' experiences across the screen.
Race City is a seamless integration of the real and virtual worlds that runs on multiple blockchains: Solana, BSC, Polygon, and Avax.
RaceFi fosters a unique community for participants in Race City that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a place where people can freely express themselves, socialize, have fun, and, above all, enjoy those exciting moments.
Race City has a total area of 424*424.
  • RaceFi Square will be in the center with the area of 64*64.
    • This will be the location for billboards, VC buildings and the RaceFi metaverse's largest scale entertainment service center.
  • The remainder of the area for:
    • Property investment:
      • Available in the following sizes: 1*1, 3*3, 6*6, 12*12, and 18*18.
    • Other applications:
      • For example, a commercial, service, or financial center, a partner's headquarters, and so on.