Types of Land

We offer four types of land, each with its own set of characteristics:

Raw Land

  • The most basic unit of land, which can be used for any purpose by the owner (leasing, building a house, building commercial and service centers,...)

  • Available in any size to the buyer.

Residential Land

  • The land on which the ownerโ€™s residence and accompanying amenities are located (the owner can use it for any personal purpose)

  • Available in 3*3 and 6*6

Resort Land

  • The largest fixed land area accessible for the resort and accompanying amenities for owners

  • There are two types of resorts: standard and premium.

  • Available in size 12*12 and 18*18


  • A special land with high-rise buildings that will meet all the needs. Owners can use it for any purpose, from living places to business places. They can add their brands to the building.

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