ERIC - CEO of Exnetwork Capital: Eric Su — CEO of Exnetwork Capital — a hyperconnected early-stage fund/incubator has over 10 active communities centered around various crypto and a global footprint with connections in all the major continents for maximum strategic value.

Kevin - STRATEGY ADVISOR: Kevin Abdulrahman is the trusted advisor & strategist to some of the hottest crypto projects in the NFT/Gaming space. He is also a public speaking coach to CEOs, founders and world leaders.

STEVEN - Founder & CEO of Polrare: Steven Lee - Founder & CEO of POLRARE. With nearly 10 years of solid experience in the traditional technology industry, he found his interest in blockchain field since 2018 and h a long track record of success. Most recently, he is the co-founder of Planet Sandbox, an emerging sandbox shooting metaverse game.

Kyle Nguyen is Founder & CEO VBC Ventures. He’s also leading VBC Ventures — a global venture fund investing in Blockchain projects including 200+ profitable and sustainable businesses all over the world.

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