📝Cars Rarity Resource

RACEFI cars have a variable rarity as opposed to a fixed rarity. Your actions in the game, such as upgrades, color changes, will influence the rarity value of your car. This rarity value will be available once the game officially starts and will change automatically depending on your actions.

We are however able to calculate a First Drop Rarity value based on fixed numbers in each series, as each series contains 5000 cars spread over 25 car models. As each car model contains 7 Factory Classes we can also include that calculation into the FDR.

After the drop is completed we can also include the Car Color into the formula, however since colors are being announced at each drop separately, this calculation has to wait until the whole Collection has been published.

Looking for CW Rarity? Check out the FDR list at the bottom of this page.



Car Models

Factory Classes

Color Groups

Total Colors






Not determined until all Genesis cars dropped.

This list is being updated regularly with color information and dropped/remaining values.

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