What can you do here?

There are lots of benefits for everyone when joining RaceFi Metaverse but owning a piece of Land here will definitely open up a lot of opportunities for you

Play games

Having opportunities to play RaceFi games and other GameFi partner projects easily

Make profits from land

Users can buy, sell, and even rent their lands or houses to other users. By doing this, they can easily monetise from their properties


Owning land allows you to stake $RACEFI with an attractive APR

Promote brands

Your brands will be promoted not only on your own building but also around the city through our billboard service. It definitely will help you to reach out a wide range of audience

Be a part of the governance

By owning Land in our city, you automatically enroll into our governance of the metaverse. Owners will be involved in making decisions for the growth of the platform in the future.

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