RaceFi always puts the customer experience first. So, we try our best to bring out the greatest entertaining experiences right in RaceFi metaverse.

Users can participate in RaceFi and investor-provided entertainment services in the metaverse. This will also be a place where consumers can find unanticipated income opportunities, special deals, or rewards, as well as a setting where they can meet possible market partners.

  • Exhibitions: owners can open galleries of their NFT collection and organize exhibitions displaying their NFT works through exhibitions. NFTs can be purchased and sold directly on RaceFi’s marketplace or during monthly auctions.

  • Games: in addition to RaceFi’s mini-games, users can easily play games from other metaverse supplier partners for fun and lucrative prizes.

  • Music venues: places where celebrities, DJs, and musicians hold concerts or fan meetings, both in the real and online world. Through these music festivals, all investors can take advantage of the opportunity to promote their products to a large number of people.

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